Frédéric de Mesmay, Srinivas Chellappa, Franz Franchetti and Markus Püschel (Proc. International Conference on High Performance Embedded Architectures and Compilers (HiPEAC), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, Vol. 5952, pp. 353-368, 2010)
Computer Generation of Efficient Software Viterbi Decoders
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This paper presents a program generator for fast software Viterbi decoders for arbitrary convolutional codes. The input to the generator is a specification of the code, and single-instruction multiple-data (SIMD) vector length. The output is an optimized C implementation of the decoder that uses explicit Intel SSE vector instructions. Only the performance-critical forward pass is actually generated, and a generic infrastructure handles the traceback pass. At the heart of the generator is a small domain-specific language called VL to express the structure of the forward pass. Vectorization is done by rewriting VL expressions, which a compiler then translates into actual code in addition to performing further optimizations specific to the vector instruction set. Benchmarks show that the generated decoders match the performance of available expert hand-tuned implementations, while spanning the entire space of convolutional codes.

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