M. M. Sabry Aly, M. Gao, G. Hills, C.-S. Lee, G. Pitner, M. M. Shulaker, T. F. Wu, M. Asheghi, J. Bokor, Franz Franchetti, K. E. Goodson, C. Kozyrakis, I. Markov, K. Olukoton, Lawrence Pileggi, E. Pop, J. Rabaey, C. Re, H.-S. Wong and S. Mitra (Computer, Vol. 48, No. 12, pp. 24-33, 2015)
Energy-Efficient Abundant-Data Computing: The N3XT 1,000x
Published paper (link to publisher)

Next-generation information technologies will process unprecedented amounts of loosely structured data that overwhelm existing computing systems. N3XT improves the energy efficiency of abundant-data applications 1,000-fold by using new logic and memory technologies, 3D integration with fine-grained connectivity, and new architectures for computation immersed in memory.