D. Sun, N. Zhang and Franz Franchetti (Proc. IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC), 2023)
Optimization and Performance Analysis of Shor’s Algorithm in Qiskit
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Shor’s algorithm is widely renowned in the field of quantum computing due to its potential to efficiently break RSA encryption in polynomial time. In this paper, we optimized an end-to-end library-based implementation of Shor’s algorithm using the IBM Qiskit quantum library and derived a speed-oflight (i.e., theoretical peak) performance model that calculates the minimum runtime required for executing Shor’s algorithm with input size N on a certain machine by counting the total operations as a function of different numbers of gates. We evaluated our model by running Shor’s algorithm on CPUs and GPUs, and simulated the factorization of a number up to 4,757. Comparing the speed-of-light runtime to our real-world measurement, we are able to quantify the margin for future quantum library improvements.

Performance model, Optimizing, Shor's algorithm, Qiskit