Sung-Chul Han, Franz Franchetti and Markus Püschel (Proc. Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT), pp. 222-232, 2006)
Program Generation for the All-Pairs Shortest Path Problem
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A recent trend in computing are domain-specific program generators, designed to alleviate the effort of porting and re-optimizing libraries for fast-changing and increasingly complex computing platforms. Examples include ATLAS, SPIRAL, and the codelet generator in FFTW. Each of these generators produces highly optimized source code directly from a problem specification. In this paper, we extend this list by a program generator for the well-known Floyd-Warshall (FW) algorithm that solves the all-pairs shortest path problem, which is important in a wide range of engineering applications.

SIMD vectorization, Numerical kernels we consider

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