Marcela Zuluaga, Peter A. Milder and Markus Püschel (ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, Vol. 21, No. 4, pp. 55, 2016)
Streaming Sorting Networks
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Sorting is a fundamental problem in computer science and has been studied extensively. Thus, a large variety of sorting methods exists for both software and hardware implementations. For the latter, there is a tradeoff between the throughput achieved and the cost, i.e., the area or amount of logic and storage invested to sort n elements. Two popular solutions are bitonic sorting networks with O(n\log^2 n) logic and storage, which sort $n$ elements per cycle, and linear sorters with O(n) logic and storage, which sort $n$ elements per $n$ cycles. In this paper, we present new hardware structures that we call streaming sorting networks, which we derive through a mathematical formalism that we introduce. With the new networks we achieve novel and improved cost-performance tradeoffs. For example, assuming n is a two-power and w is any divisor of n, one class of these networks can sort in n/w cycles with O(w\log^2n) logic and O(n\log^2n) storage; the other class we present sorts in n\log^2n/w cycles with O(w) logic and O(n) storage. We carefully analyze the performance of these networks and their cost at three levels of abstraction: (1) asymptotically, (2) exactly in terms of the number of basic elements needed, and (3) in terms of the resources required by the actual circuit when mapped to a field-programmable gate array. We obtain the latter results through a domain-specific hardware generator that translates our formal mathematical description into synthesizable RTL Verilog. With this generator we explore the entire design space, identify the Pareto-optimal solutions, and show superior cost-performance tradeoffs compared to prior work.

Algorithm theory and analysis, IP cores for FPGA/ASIC, Sorting, Streaming permutations

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