Grace Nordin, Peter A. Milder, James C. Hoe and Markus Püschel (Proc. Design Automation Conference (DAC), pp. 471-474, 2005)
Automatic Generation of Customized Discrete Fourier Transform IPs
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This paper presents a parameterized soft core generator for the discrete Fourier transform (DFT). Reusable IPs of digital signal processing (DSP) kernels are important time-saving resources in DSP hardware development. Unfortunately, reusable IPs, however optimized, can introduce inefficiencies because they cannot fit the exact requirements of every application context. Given the well-understood and regular computation in DSP kernels, an automatic tool can generate high-quality ready-to-use IPs customized to user-specified cost/performance tradeoffs (beyond basic parameters such as input size and data format). The paper shows that the generated DFT cores can match closely the performance and cost of DFT cores from the Xilinx LogiCore library. Furthermore, the generator can yield DFT cores over a range of different performance/ cost tradeoff points that are not available from the library.

Learn the current Spiral system, IP cores for FPGA/ASIC, Discrete/fast Fourier transform

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