Peter Tummeltshammer, James C. Hoe and Markus Püschel (Proc. Design Automation Conference (DAC), pp. 826-829, 2004)
Multiple Constant Multiplication By Time-Multiplexed Mapping of Addition Chains
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An important primitive in the hardware implementations of linear DSP transforms is a circuit that can multiply an input value by one of several different preset constants. We propose a novel implementation of this circuit based on combining the addition chains of the constituent constants. We present an algorithm to automatically generate such a circuit for a given set of constants. The quality of the resulting circuits is evaluated after synthesis for a commercial 0.18mum standard cell library. We compare the area and latency efficiency of this addition chain based approach against a straightforward approach based on a constant table and a full multiplier.

Multiplier block, Multiplierless, IP cores for FPGA/ASIC

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