Adam C. Zelinski, Markus Püschel, Smarahara Misra and James C. Hoe (Proc. International Conference on Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing (ICASSP), Vol. 5, pp. V-221-V-224, 2004)
Automatic Cost Minimization for Multiplierless Implementations of Discrete Signal Transforms
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The computation of linear DSP transforms consists entirely of additions and multiplications by constants, which, in a hardware realization, can be implemented as a network of wired shifts and additions. Thus, a light weight fixed point implementation that approximates an exact transform can be built from only adders. This paper presents an automatic approach for minimizing the number of additions required for a given transform under the constraint of a particular quality measure. We present an evaluation of our approach. For example, one experiment shows that the IMDCT transform within an MP3 decoder can be reduced from 643 additions to 170 additions while maintaining Limited Accuracy as defined by the MP3 ISO standard.