Sanil Rao, M. A. H. Monil, H. Mankad, J. Vetter and Franz Franchetti (Proc. Supercomputing (SC), 2023)
FFTX-IRIS: Towards Performance Portability and Heterogeneity for SPIRAL Generated Code
Published paper (link to publisher)

FFTX-IRIS is a dynamic system to efficiently utilize novel heterogeneous platforms. This system links two next-generation frameworks, FFTX and IRIS, to navigate the complexity of different hardware architectures. FFTX provides a runtime code generation framework for high-performance Fast Fourier Transform kernels. IRIS runtime provides portability and multi-device heterogeneity, allowing computation on any available compute resource. Together, FFTX-IRIS enables code generation, seamless portability, and performance without user involvement. We show the design of the FFTX-IRIS system along with an evaluation of various small FFT benchmarks. We also demonstrate multi-device heterogeneity of FFTX-IRIS with a larger stencil application.

Coding/Decoding, SPIRAL, High performance, Performance portable, Program generation, Portability, Code generator, FFTX, IRIS