Markus Püschel, Bryan Singer, Manuela Veloso and José M. F. Moura (Proc. International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS), Lecture Notes In Computer Science, Springer, Vol. 2073, pp. 97-106, 2001)
Fast Automatic Generation of DSP Algorithms
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SPIRAL is a generator of optimized, platform-adapted libraries for digital signal processing algorithms. SPIRAL's strategy translates the implementation task into a search in an expanded space of alternatives. These result from the many degrees of freedom in the DSP algorithm itself and in the various coding choices. This paper describes the framework to represent and generate efficiently these alternatives: the formula generator module in SPIRAL. We also address the search module that works in tandem with the formula generator in a feedback loop to find optimal implementations. These modules are implemented using the computer algebra system GAP/AREP.

SPIRAL program generation system for transforms, Spiral overview paper

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