Roland Wunderlich, Markus Püschel and James C. Hoe (Proc. High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC), 2005)
Accelerating Blocked Matrix-Matrix Multiplication using a Software-Managed Memory Hierarchy with DMA
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The optimization of matrix-matrix multiplication (MMM) performance has been well studied on general-purpose desktop and server processors. Classic solutions exploit common microarchitectural features including superscalar execution and the cache and TLB hierarchy to achieve near-peak performance. Typical digital signal processors (DSPs) do not have these features, and instead use in-order execution, configurable memory hierarchies, and pro-grammable I/O interfaces. We investigate the methods needed to achieve high per-formance MMM on the Texas Instruments C6713 floating-point DSP. This processor has two components that can be used to accelerate MMM: a software-managed memory hierarchy, and a direct memory access (DMA) engine that can perform block copies from main memory to into the memory hierarchy. Our MMM implementation overlaps computation with DMA block transfers. For matrices lar-ger than the data caches, we observed a 46% performance increase over a blocked MMM implementation, and a 190% increase over the Texas Instruments DSP library.

Numerical kernels we consider