Scott Mionis, Franz Franchetti and J. Larkin (Proc. High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC), 2021)
Optimized Quantum Circuit Generation with SPIRAL
Comment: Outstanding Student Paper Award
Preprint (400 KB)

Quantum computers have been at the bleeding edge of computing technology for nearly 40 years and research continues to progress due to their immense promise. However, despite hardware and algorithm breakthroughs, the software infrastructure that compiles programs for these devices requires further development and has traditionally been under-emphasized. In this work, we present a novel approach to compiling more efficient quantum programs. We capture the input algorithm as a high-level mathematical transform and generate a multitude of architecture-compliant programs directly from that specification; this is achieved by casting the problem as a sparse matrix factorization task and recursively searching over a host of applicable divide-and-conquer decomposition rules. This approach allows us to leverage high-level symmetries of the target transform to explore global rewrites and select the best factorization from the top-down, a task that is nearly impossible given only a program stream.We implement the proposed framework with SPIRAL [4], a code generation platform founded on the GAP [6] computer algebra system; we ultimately demonstrate that SPIRAL is a viable supplemental tool for future quantum frameworks.

Fast Fourier Transform, Optimizing, SPIRAL, Compiler, Code generator, Circuit optimization, Quantum computing