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Conference (fully reviewed) 

  1. Sanil Rao, M. A. H. Monil, H. Mankad, J. Vetter and Franz Franchetti
    FFTX-IRIS: Towards Performance Portability and Heterogeneity for SPIRAL Generated Code
    Proc. Supercomputing (SC), 2023
  2. Sanil Rao, A. Kutuluru, Paul Brouwer, S. McMillan and Franz Franchetti
    GBTLX: A First Look
    Proc. IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC), 2020

Conference (abstract reviewed) 

  1. J. Nguyen, Sanil Rao, J. Moreira and Franz Franchetti
    Automatic Generation of Matrix-Vector Code Using SPIRAL for the Power10 ISA
    Proc. IEEE High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC), 2022
  2. H. Mankad, Sanil Rao, P. Colella, B. Van Straalen and Franz Franchetti
    ProtoX: A First Look
    Proc. High Performance Extreme Computing (HPEC), 2022
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